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Percussive dance is the platform for a robust choreographic inquiry into mathematical thinking, practices and topics for elementary students and their teachers. In Math in Your Feet students choreograph their own percussive patterns learning and using mathematics at the same time. READ MORE

What’s New?

Malke has two new books coming out in 2016!

​Book #1: Explore the math of making comparisons with your students and children. Socks are Like Pants, Cat are Like Dogs is available NOW! READ MORE

Book #2: Math on the Move: Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning, will be published by Heinemann, Fall 2016. READ MORE.
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Read an interview with Malke over at Bedtime Math!

Teachers Can Too!
Teachers can learn to teach Math in Your Feet! Using an original educational tool that breaks down percussive dance into its elements, teachers explore movement- and rhythm-based lessons that help strengthen their students’ understanding of mathematical thinking, practices and topics. READ MORE

What teachers Say…

“Malke was a dynamic teacher, demonstrating useful formative assessment and constructive feedback, and leading conversations that helped build content and connections as well as the classroom community.” -Dr. John Golden Associate Professor of Mathematics Grand Valley State University

“Your programming is incredible.You have such a gift for engaging students and creating space for them to gain confidence in their own creative choices.” -Education Director, The Carnegie Center for the Arts, Covington, KY

“Malke was phenomenal. I’m very excited to take this workshop and use it in my classroom.” -Elementary Teacher

“Malke did a wonderful job combining concepts, math vocabulary, and practical ideas for using it in the classroom.” -Elementary Teacher

“The three hours flew by.” -Elementary Teacher