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Teaching Artist Tool Shop: Tools, Techniques and Ideas for Teaching Artists and Arts Educators

Teaching Artist Tool Shop is a collective of experienced artists, teaching artists and arts educators. Like a really good hardware store we only stock the good stuff: concrete, interesting and useful teaching tools that derive from years of practical experience and engage theoretical ideas that are firmly rooted in practice.

I will include descriptions of my videos here, but you can also go the the Teaching Artist Tool Shop channel on YouTube to browse all the other excellent offerings!

What Success Looks Like in My Teaching

This video is one teaching artist’s in-depth explanation of how she evaluates success in the classroom. Percussive dancer Malke Rosenfeld illustrates and explains how success is not always found in the final product but in how far students have come from where they started. Success is also exemplified by a number of smaller victories throughout the week.

This video also provides a clear and detailed overview of how Malke evaluates success in her teaching of dance and math. In her approach, the two disciplines are deeply integrative and inform one another